We live in a nation where we’re clinging to freedom instead of celebrating it because, one by one, our rights are being diminished. We need a voice that won’t hesitate to speak up and take action; a voice that fights to preserve this nation and our freedoms. Ultimately, we don’t need “another politician,” but a true patriot. Meet Anna Paulina Luna, currently running for election to the U.S. House of Representatives for Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

Sitting Down With Anna Paulina Luna

In a world of fake news, false promises and well-trained politicians, she is a breath of fresh air. With Luna, you can’t help but see a young and beautiful woman, but there’s way more than meets the eye. This congressional hopeful is a fiery powerhouse ready to take on anyone who threatens the freedoms of our nation. With the truth of the Constitution etched in her soul and more experience than most of us could obtain in multiple lifetimes, she is a force to be reckoned with.

So who is Anna Paulina Luna? It’s not hard to jump on the Internet to find out more about her political stances and personal details. But we at Ballistic wanted to dive deeper to give you a candid, in-depth look into Luna’s life and personality. And she did not hesitate. Luna was an open book, ready to share it all. She sat down with us and answered everything we threw at her about the Second Amendment and more. Watch the video above to get a better idea about what Anna Paulina Luna is all about.

We think it’s easy to see why she was our cover story for the February/March 2020 issue. Like what you see? Digital and physical copies of the new issue are available now at Don’t miss out! Also, follow Anna on Instagram at @RealAnnaPaulina.

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