“Angry Cops” is a YouTube channel founded by Richard Hy, a police officer and U.S. Army veteran. If you’re unfamiliar, watch the above video and become a fan like we did.

In the video, Hy rips apart the “Try Guys,” formerly of BuzzFeed. If you’re unfamiliar with them, congratulations; we’ll leave it that way.

Angry Cops vs. Try Guys

A little background info on the video above. BuzzFeed actually released this video four years ago. Angry Cops, however, just found it. And in all fairness, it’s just as infuriating today as it was four years ago.

The Try Guys go to the shooting range so they can give guns a chance. It’s meant to be a journalism piece, but it comes across as four liberals who had their minds made up about guns way before they pulled the trigger. They state opinions as facts, which is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do as a journalist. No shock there, especially coming from BuzzFeed.

Then there are the two negligent discharges from Zach Kornfeld. Watch them at 2:57 and then again at 4:55. Both are inexcusable, and Hy makes that clear after the first one when Kornfeld said, “I wasn’t ready.”

“If you weren’t ready for it, then why did you have your booger hook on the trigger?” Hy countered. “You know when guns are dangerous? When they’re put in the hands of people who know nothing about them. Where is the range safety when this happens? Are you telling me this guy wasn’t given a block of instructions so that negligent discharges don’t happen. Oh, or it’s just the gun’s fault, right? It’s the gun that randomly went off?”

The “Try Guys” left BuzzFeed in 2018 and formed their own production company that we couldn’t care less about. Hy, on the other hand, has an excellent YouTube account that we suggest you support.

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