Science is cool — especially when science is applied to firearms. Anderson Manufacturing’s RF85 Treatment is a perfect example of science and firearms coming together for a fusion of awesomeness.

What is RF85? CliffNotes version: It means you never have to oil your gun — ever. RF85 stands for “Reduced Friction 85 percent.” RF85 isn’t a surface coating, but instead adds a calcium component throughout the metal; it allows the weapon to operate efficiently without traditional “wet” lubricant.

From our friends at

“Oak Ridge National Laboratory tested Anderson’s rifles and found the reduction of friction on all steel surfaces reduced by 85 percent. According to Oak Ridge, the RF85-treated weapon cycles 23 percent faster and more reliably than a non-RF85-treated weapon with traditional wet lubricant.

“The RF85 guns operate at cooler temperatures and experience significantly less wear, all without traditional wet lubricant. RF85-treated rifles don’t experience failures due to excess dirt and carbon fouling in the action either.”

We got a complete look at the RF85 Treatment at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. Watch the video above for a better overview and for more information, please visit

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