The American Tactical 6mm ARC rifles comprise versatile platforms.

The 6mm bullet continues to drive rifle innovation, providing the bedrock for building new rifles for pushing the ballistic envelope. Long-range shooting and precision competition further push the demand for more rifles chambered for efficient calibers slinging ballistically superior bullets. Enter American Tactical with two new rifles chambered in 6mm ARC.

American Tactical 6mm ARC Rifles

The American Tactical Mil-Sport Rifle and Omni Hybrid Maxx Rifle form the duo upgrading to the 6mm ARC. The cartridge delivers low recoil and high accuracy in long-range applications. It makes the the rifle platforms extremely versatile for tactical, defensive, or sporting use.

The ATI 6mm ARC rifles feature an 18-inch barrel and 15-inch M-LOK-style rail. The barrels come with a 1:7 twist rate. A 5/8×24 thread pitch and 5/8×25-patter flash hider add to the appeal. Both models feature an ATI SR-1 Rear Stock. Meanwhile, the Omni Hybrid Maxx comes with a Nano Composite Trigger kit.

Though chambered in a long-range cartridge, the AR-style rifles comprise solid all-around, multi-purpose platforms. With M-LOK rails and an 18-inch barrel, users should be able to configure these guns for defense, predator hunting or long-range shooting pursuits.

The ATI Mil-Sport 6mm ARC rifle retails for $949.95, while the Omni Hybrid Maxx 6mm ARC comes in at $829.95. For even more info, please visit

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