Alien Gear has long been known for producing excellent holsters. In fact, a lot of shooters really like the company’s IWB offerings, especially the Cloak series. Now Alien Gear has brought out an OWB version called the Cloak Belt holster.

The company designed this holster because some shooters don’t want to carry IWB. However, they still want to carry concealed. This holster allows users to carry OWB using only an untucked cover garment for concealment, which provides easy access for when situations go south.

“We listened to our customers and designed this holster to cling tightly to the body, making concealment possible with just as little as an untucked shirt for complete cover, said Drew Stephens, Alien Gear Holster’s lead Product Designer.

Alien Gear OWB Cloak Belt Holster Features

Alien Gear designed this new holster with comfort and concealment in mind. It features an “alien-skin” base, reinforced with a patented steel core insert. This insert provides rigidity for easy re-holsters, all while minimizing printing. Its improved shape provides a fast, full-firing grip. It also comes with a sweat shield that keeps the slide and controls away from the body. This prevents guns from rubbing, as well as protects them from sweat that can lead to rust.

To help provide a customized fit, shooters can adjust this holster to fit both 1.5- and 1.75-inch gun belts. This provides more options when changing belts for different events. Shooters can also adjust the height and the cant using a common allen wrench. This provides numerous options for concealed carry.

Shooters can pick up this new OWB holster for $45.88, and it is backed by Alien Gear’s Forever Warranty and 30-day Test Drive. This allows concealed carriers to try it out without having to risk having to throw another holster in a box.

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