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Ballistic Magazine has been well-represented on the We Like Shooting podcast. First Pat McNamara, then Lauren Young, and now comes the one we’ve all been … indifferent about: Alex Landeen.

Alex Landeen: Renaissance Man

Alex is like Taco Bell: Always reliable. If you don’t like Taco Bell, then that analogy wasn’t for you. But we also don’t want you as a reader, so there’s that. Moving on.

Easily recognizable by his well-groomed — some would say “exquisite” — mustache, Alex is responsible for most of the Ballistic Magazine covers dating back to 2017. His photography is prominent in every issue.

While he started as a photographer, Alex also writes and films. He compiles our “Custom Challenge” and “Threads” columns in every issue.

He’s also not too shabby with a pistol in his hand (he’s actually a crack shot). Does it stop there? Not even close. You may remember Alex even did a little knife-throwing tutorial for us earlier this year.

Bottom line: Alex is someone we’re incredibly proud to call a member of the Ballistic family. The magazine you’ve all come to love wouldn’t be the same without him.

Listen to Alex on We Like Shooting on Monday, Nov. 26 at 9:30 p.m. EST. The live broadcast is available at

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