AERO Precision EPC 9 pistol caliber carbine, AERO EPC-9 build kit, reup

Aero Precision just officially entered the pistol caliber market with the launch of its EPC-9 (Enhanced Pistol Caliber). Now, if you’ve heard of the EPC-9 before, that’s because Aero teased it at SHOT Show 2020. Then, in case you weren’t aware, a pandemic hit and the release — like many others in the firearms industry — got pushed back. Well, it’s finally here.

What Is the Aero Precision EPC-9?

Aero Precision specializes in builds, and we have nothing but good things to say about its parts. General feedback from readers seems to line up with our thoughts. But this is pretty unique territory for the PCC platform. There are several different items now available in what Aero refers to as “Phase 1” of its EPC-9 launch. Included in the launch are receiver sets, complete uppers, barrels, bolt assemblies and more. So, Aero launched everything needed to make your own PCC.

Let’s dive into some quick facts about what to expect from the new EPC-9 platform. Firstly, users don’t need any kind of gas block or gas tube; the EPC operates using a straight blowback system. Meanwhile, the upper receiver features a pre-installed factory last round bolt hold open mechanism. The upper also accepts most threaded AR-15 barrel nut and handguard combos.

As far as calibers, Aero made receivers compatible with both 9mm and .40 S&W. Aero said 10mm and .45 ACP parts and components will be available in the future, but not yet. Also, the lower receiver can accept Glock mags, specifically standard frame G17 and G19 pattern mags.

Then there’s barrel lengths. Aero has 9mm barrels available in 5.5 inches, 8.3 inches, 11 inches and also 16 inches for those who want longer builds. Want a smaller build for a truck gun? Done. Want some extra length? No problem.

Manufacturers are in no rush to push out new releases when they can’t even keep what they have in stock. The all-new EPC-9 is a nice change in pace for the market and hopefully a sign of things to come. The new platform is like a buffet for pistol caliber carbines. MSRPs obviously vary based on what you’re trying to build. So for even more info, please visit

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