Want to win friends, influence people and improve your street cred? Then you need to be able to throw a tomahawk like a boss. Here are some simple steps to help you learn how to toss your ‘hawk, but keep these eight safety tips in mind before you start taking chunks out of the dining room drywall.

1.) There are different types of axes/tomahawks/hatchets. Make sure you start with a traditional throwing type tomahawk. They typically weigh less, have a smoother design and are built for throwing.

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2.) Get an appropriate target to use. An old, dead piece of wood is a good choice so that the tomahawk can stick into it and it has enough weight to offset the tomahawk when it strikes the target.

3.) Be aware of your surroundings. Much like when you fire a gun, make sure no one is in front or around when you practice throwing.

Okay, Let’s Throw

4.) The target should be no more than 15 ft. away from you. Typically that is one rotation of the tomahawk before it hits the target. The actual distance will vary depending on the length of the handle.

5.) Your stance should be with your opposite foot forward of your throwing hand. Similar to how you throw a football or baseball.

6.) Hold the tomahawk at the very base of the handle to allow for maximum rotation while reaching target.

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7.) Lock your wrist and bring the tomahawk straight back over your head and throw it straight forward while keeping your eye on the target.

8.) After you release the tomahawk, continue to follow through keeping your wrist locked through the entire motion.

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