What do you have in your pockets right now? Wallet, keys and a phone? Do you carry anything else? How about a knife or flashlight? What you carry on your person at any particular moment can be an essential part of your daily routine, such as your keys, or even become a lifesaver when you get into an unexpected bind – such as a flashlight. What someone chooses to carry on an everyday basis can say a lot about how they live their life and a lot about their mind-set. Are you an individual that has the forethought to be prepared for whatever may come?

In this installment of Everyday Essentials, we take a look at the tools that tactical trainer Chris Costa of Costa Ludus carries day in and day out. Because everyone’s needs differ, we also take a look at two other everyday carry setups that are as unique as their carriers.

Costa’s everyday carry in his own words:


My everyday carry choices are based on a few simple things, and it all begins with my belt. The Ares Gear Aegis belt is not only there to hold my pants up but to support the weight of a gun, the extra magazine, knives and a light.


I love the new Raven Concealment Eidolon holsters and their classic Phantom series holsters. They are amazing for those who have many different Glocks and who employ either strong-side or appendix carry.


As far as the quality and durability of white light, I haven’t seen anything better than SureFire. Whether you choose an X300 or one of their handhelds, you can’t go wrong.


As far as knives go, I carry a range of them,from HavocWorks fixed blades to various Emerson folders. Both companies make
great cutting tools.


My weapon choice is based on reliability and accuracy. Both factors are very important in any gun, but they’re especially important in one that you’re carrying daily. If I strong-side carry, I like to run a Glock 17 for its barrel and sight radius. If I appendix carry, I like to run the smaller Glock 19 frame with a Glock 17 slide for a bit better concealability while being able to maintain a longer sight radius. I tend to shoot a G19 slightly high so I like the consistency a G17 slide brings me. My Salient Arms G17 Costa Ludus also has a match-fit, box-fluted barrel and is cut for an RMR.

Just who is Chris Costa?

Prior to founding tactical training company Costa Ludus, Chris Costa spent four years as the President of Magpul Dynamics and seven years in the private sector at Applied Marine Technologies Inc. on assignment with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Risk Management Division. Costa also spent 12 years with the United States Coast Guard, conducting counter-drug operations and special missions in Europe, the Middle East and South America.

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