Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or a city dweller, an animal bite remains a very real possibility that you must be prepared for. Fortunately, the good people over at the Mayo Clinic have provided four critical first-aid tips that will come in handy if an animal bites you or your child. See them below.

1.) Minor Wounds: If the bite is shallow and there’s no danger of rabies, wash the wound thoroughly and apply an antibiotic cream to prevent infection. Cover with a clean bandage.

2.) Deep Wounds: If the bite creates a deep puncture of the skin and is bleeding, apply pressure with a clean, dry cloth to stop the bleeding and seek medical attention.

3.) Infections: Seek medical attention immediately if you notice signs of infection, such as swelling, redness, increased pain or oozing.

4.) Suspected Rabies: If rabies is suspected because the animal is of unknown immunization status, particularly bats, seek medical attention immediately.

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