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In recent years, the absolute king of modularity and benefactor/victim of modification has been the AR-15. While Stoner’s design is still in the lead, a new gun has caught the eye of those looking to tinker and change. The ever-reliable Glock handgun has always been easily modified via stippling or sights. However, in recent years, aftermarket companies have jumped into the mix and are providing high quality parts to make our everyday grocery getter gun a little more sexy. From comps to flared mag well kits, there is no shortage of new go-fast parts for the Austrian classic. One area that has really taken off though is in the arena of the Glock trigger.

Glock Trigger Upgrades

Many options now exist and it’s easier than ever to improve this often growled-about component. While the stock Glock trigger has served people well for decades, it does have a reputation for being less than “clean.”

The most common point stated about stock Glock triggers is that they feel gritty or like parts are rubbing. They also have a tendency to have varying levels of resistance in their travel. People comment that they feel like they hit a couple “walls” of tension along the way. These complaints, along with a desire to simply increase the speed of the trigger, have driven the growth on this part of the industry. There are many great options out there, but here is a handful of the best.

ZEV Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger

Glock Trigger, Zev Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger

The ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Adjustable Trigger is a premier Glock trigger kit for competitive shooters seeking to attain the ultimate performance from their pistol. The Fulcrum trigger features adjustment screws built into the trigger pad for fine tuning the pre-travel and over-travel of the trigger for personal preference. Trigger pull weight is determined by the trigger spring, firing pin safety spring and striker spring, and is not affected by the pre-travel and over-travel adjustments of the trigger pad. All of this together provides a very precise let-off and a fast reset that doesn’t impair the reliability of the factory safeties. The entire press is silky smooth because all engagement surfaces on the stainless steel trigger bar are mirror polished for sensitivity and consistency. MSRP: $255. For more information, visit

Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger

Glock Trigger, Apex Tactical Glock Enhancement Trigger

Next up is the Glock Action Enhancement Trigger from Apex. Apex is a household name in the pistol trigger world that is a go to for the M&P. Its Glock offering is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger that reduces pre-travel, overall trigger travel and trigger reset. It provides a smooth uptake and reset while delivering a crisp trigger break. When compared side by side to the stock trigger you will immediately notice a huge difference. The trigger includes a factory trigger bar for quick and easy replacement. The Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger is a great option for competition or duty/carry weapons. The package includes a Glock Action Enhancement Trigger with Gen3 factory trigger bar. Unlike some of its other trigger offerings, this one is only available in black right now. MSRP: $99.95. For more information, visit

Killer Innovations Velocity Trigger


Glock Trigger, Killer Innovations Velocity Trigger

While not a household name yet, the team over at Killer Innovations has hit the sweet spot with its Velocity trigger. The trigger provides a noticeably smoother pull with reduced creep and a positive reset, all without sacrificing safety or reliability. It is a flat face design with a slight texture to insure better purchase and, in turn, better control. Unlike some other aftermarket designs, this one is intended for every day carry use. MSRP: $125.99. For more information, visit

Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger

Glock Trigger, Overwatch Precision Trigger

Like the Velocity trigger, the Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger is a flat-faced, direct drop-in replacement for your stock trigger. The trigger shoe and trigger safety tab is machined in the USA out of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, and affixed to an NP3 plated, Gen3 stock trigger. Also, the trigger shoe and safety tab are both Type III hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625 standard. The trigger has a small indexing hook that ensures consistent trigger finger placement, and the broad, flat face of the trigger allows a uniquely self-correcting, straight rearward press. The flat face reduces trigger reach by 0.24 inches, making this an ideal option for smaller statured shooters. Pre-travel has been reduced as much as possible without compromising firearm safety features, resulting in a clean, crisp break, and reduced over travel. Robar's NP3 plating provides virtually impermeable corrosion resistance and smooth, grit-free operation. MSRP: $135. For more information, visit

Lightning Strike Large Aluminum Glock Trigger

Glock Trigger, Lightning Strike Large Aluminum Glock Trigger

In an attempt to eliminate the sometimes perceived mushy feel of the factory plastic part, Lightning Strike created a machined aluminum trigger that helps eliminate that feel. It enjoys closely held tolerances that remove trigger slop and free movement for smooth, consistent trigger let off. The trigger face incorporates a wider trigger safety and contoured edges that are easier on the finger than the factory shoe. Like most others, it is a simple drop-in installation and requires no modification to the gun. One point they make about this trigger is that it does not alter factory pull weight; this is a major issue for some because they do not want a featherlight trigger, but rather one that has a smooth pull and clean reset. MSRP: $108.99. For more information, visit

CMC Drop-In Glock Trigger

Glock Trigger, CMC Drop-in Glock Trigger

Like ZEV, CMC has made a name for itself in the trigger world long before mods were hip. CMC, however, made its mark in the rifle world and have brought that experience to the handgun realm. Its offering in this market is the CMC Drop-In Glock Trigger. This is a drop-in design that improves the trigger’s overall performance while reducing the pull weight by 2 pounds. It has a patented flat face trigger with a hooked bottom. This unit comes as a complete assembly to make life a little easier on us, and the OEM internals ensure reliable consistent function. CMC’s own words describe its world class offering: “Utilizing our Patented 'Signature Flat' trigger design, we’ve downsized the overall geometry to create an excellent fit in the Glock pistol. All of the superior traits from the AR platform are replicated here in our new design.” As you would expect, it is a very nice trigger. MSRP: $185.75. For more information, visit

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