The firearms world is a diverse universe of companies, some of which are huge conglomerates while others are more boutique. Some focus on a few specific products, and others try to make everything under the sun. That’s the simplified, general lay of the land in the firearms industry. One company may leap into an “industry leader” role for a while but is usually replaced in short order as Company X releases its new blaster. All the while they seem to be chasing each other, and in many cases copying what seemed to work for someone else.

However, there is one company that stands apart from this sometimes predictable framework. A company that has charted its own path and decided that it is capable of truly being the epicenter for shooters. This innovator is ZEV Technologies.

ZEV Foundations

From its start with aftermarket drop-in triggers, ZEV built its business with the philosophy that any part it made had to be the best product available on the market. In short order, its customer base expanded from competitive shooters to elite military and law enforcement personnel, and ultimately into leading gun stores and ranges. Other companies have entered this space, but only ZEV products have won world championships, and go through the most extensive testing by top-tier military clients. While some companies would consider that the pinnacle of achievement, ZEV hasn’t been content to sit on its laurels.

It became apparent to the engineers at ZEV that their ability to innovate in the handgun realm was limited by the base products they had to work with. Instead, it would be much more effective if they could get their hands on a gun in earlier stages of its design. It is this idea that motivated ZEV to make a very bold move. In