Laser Engraved Glock 19X pistol, skull engraving
Photo by American Engraver

Customization is a popular medium for gun owners. Laser engraving may be the pinnacle of customization.

Based just outside of Atlanta, Ga., American Engraver specializes in laser engraving, specifically for firearms. The company recently released a video on its Instagram of a custom job on a Glock 19X.

Laser-Engraved Glock 19X

American Engraver’s previous jobs include a lot of slide and receiver work, but the G19X owner opted for a grip job.

Described as the “Ghost Recon Skull,” the laser engraving imprints a fairly detailed skull over the already stippled G19X grip.

The entire process takes approximately 12 seconds. Watch it happen in the video below.

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