I don’t know any gun owner who doesn’t like playing with something new every now and then. I suffer from the same affliction. From guns to trucks, there is always something new that I am playing with or drooling over. However, just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s worth having. With this column, I aim to introduce you to some new rifles, pistols and revolvers and warn you if something doesn’t pass inspection.

For more information about the new rifles, pistols and revolvers featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Ashbury Precision Jäeger

Colt Cobra

Bushmaster Minimalist-SD

Diamondback DB9R

JP Enterprises GMR-15

CZ P-10 C

DRD Tactical Aptus

Howa Long-Range Rifle

Savage MSR 10 Long Range

Wilson Combat EDC X9

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 460XVR


Ruger American Ranch

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